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Periodically measuring temperature and humidity of its environment. Significant changes reported immediately.

A wireless temperature & humidity sensor for EnOcean systems. Powered by a solar cell, it works absolutely maintenance-free. An integrated energy store allows operation for several days in total darkness. In dark surroundings, a coin cell battery can be retrofitted.


It periodically measures temperature and humidity of its environment. Significant changes in readings are reported immediately. In addition, frequent updates (signs-of-life) are provided at regular intervals.


The small housing can easily be mounted to walls or furniture using the included adhesive pad. Using the included metal stand the sensor can be positioned on horizontal surfaces. One end cap can be replaced by the enclosed triangle cap.

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Features, Benefits & Functions

  • Fully autonomous operation under sufficient lighting with pre-installed solar cell  
  • Battery backup option for operation in dark surroundings  
  • Enhanced Security feature  
  • Accessories included: 
    • Metal stand and triangle cap for freestanding operation 
    • Double-sided adhesive for on-wall mounting 
  • Small housing with: 
    • Factory calibrated on-board temperature and humidity sensor 
    • Integrated energy storage and charging circuit 
    • Integrated LRN button and TX indicator LED


Measurement and Transmission Timing

wakes up approximately once every 100 seconds to measure temperature and humidity. The measured values are then compared against the last reported (transmitted) values. If there is a significant change then the measured values are transmitted immediately.  It supports both standard and high security communication. The default (out of the box) operation mode is standard mode. It is possible to switch to high security communication where the telegram payload is both encrypted and authenticated.



Self-powered Internet of Things. EnOcean stands for energy harvesting wireless technology, which enables maintenance-free sensor solutions delivering data for intelligent networks in buildings and the Internet of Things.  

Energy Harvesting 

wireless sensors harvest and manage the smallest amount of energy from their environment.  


EnOcean uses wireless standards optimized for solutions with ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting.  

Ultra-low Power 

Energy management and highly efficient energy storage are key to wireless technology for battery-less wireless sensor solutions.


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