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Plug and play signal bridge for industrial machinery monitoring.

A 4 channel battery or externally powered device which connects to any meter with a pulse output, it accumulates the meter consumption and transmits the data via long range LoRa wireless.

The unit can be powered externally, by internal batteries, or both where the unit will continue to count pulses and send data during any power outages, giving the best of both worlds.

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Features, Benefits & Functions

  • Four S0 pulse inputs (the de facto standard for meter pulses – EN62053-31) to collect data from electricity, gas, water, heat or any other pulse enabled meter.  
  • Long range LoRa wireless transmits the data for up to 16km with deep in building penetration of 1 – 3 km without repeaters.
  • Data can be received by MobiusFlow gateway and LoRaWAN connector to forward data to the Cloud / Internet where it can be analysed.  
  • With half hourly data transfers the battery life is a fit and forget 5+ years. Standard size AA batteries can be replaced by the user in seconds. For applications which require extended battery life, an optional slot-in battery pack can be added to give extra capacity.
The Pulse unit may also be configured for digital status monitoring, for example to generate an alert when a freezer door is left open. Meter pulses / consumption values are sent to the cloud via long range LoRa wireless. Data can be analysed and trigger alerts / actions using IA’s mobiusflow configuration and analytics software. 


Operating principleCarbon dioxide (CO2) detector based on 
 non-dispersive infrared spectometric (NDIR) 
Sensors and measurements- Temperature. Resolution : 0.2°C
 - Humidity. Resolution : 1% RH
 - Carbon dioxide. Accuracy : ±(50 ppm + 3% of 
    measuring range)
Transmission frequency =- On threshold
  =- On configurable time period
  =- On configurable alarm trigger
Power supply: Integrated and sealed lithium batteries
Battery life: up to 10 years according to wireless protocol
 and environment
Dimensions: L 105 mm x W 105 mm x H 30 mm
Net weight: 200 g (including battery and base)