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Foot operated wireless floor switch helps minimise the spread of germs and reduces cleaning intervals.


This floor switch allows lights to be operated with the foot helping to ensure health and security of all, whilst reducing the need to disinfect hand operated wall switches. The Floor Switch is wireless, battery-less and is easily activated with the foot. It can be easily added to an existing installation when used with CTL007 relay receiver.

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Features, Benefits & Functions

  • No contact, minimise disinfection requirements  
  • Wireless, easy installation  
  • No battery, no maintenance  
  • Easy integration into any Energy Management system  
  • Resistance to damage from cleaning products
  • Smart Controller works directly with EnOcean products  
  • Adhesive mounting (included)  
  • Can be fixed in place with screws (not included)  
  • Range, up to 30m indoors

Activate lights with the foot in workplace, installation in a school, against a baseboard or on the floor, wireless and battery-less. Retrofit lighting without construction work for a fast installation of the wireless battery-less Floor Switch. Allowing people to avoid unnecessary contact that can reduce the spread of germs and reduces the need to disinfect wall switches from continuous hand contact.   It can be can be fixed with screws or adhesive tape to the wall or on a baseboard. 


It is easy to pair to a Lighting Module (CTL007 relay receiver) and with no batteries or wires the Wireless Floor Switch works thanks to the mechanical energy generated by the push of the button. The casing surrounding the switch is resistant to damage from cleaning products  and is suitable for most types of locations.


Power source: Magneto-resistive (no battery)
Channels1 button - 1 channel
Floor mounting: using adhesive bounding (included)
 or screws (not included)
Radio frequency range: 868.0 to 868.6 MHz
Radio range: up to 30m indoor
EEP (EnOcean Profile): F6-02-01
Accessories included  
with the product: 1 fast connector,
 1 junction box cover, 1 sticker
Compatible Lighting with the lighting relay switch
Type - Inductive LoadsP. Max
Incandescent light1100W
Halogen lamp 230V1100W
Neon with ferromagnetic ballastNot compatible
Gas-discharge lamp / Metal halide lampNot compatible
Type - Capactive LoadsP. Max
Standard energy-saving lamp80W
Dimmer energy-saving lamp80W
Neon with electronic ballast100W
LED lamp 230V500W
Filament LED90W
LED lamp 12V with converter80W
HPSNot compatible