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Accurately measures room temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC's, Light Level, Pressure & Presence.

Accurately measure up to 7 environmental parameters; room temperature, humidity, CO2 , VOC's, light level, pressure and presence. Readings are transmitted to the cloud using long-range LoRa wireless, where the data can be displayed and analysed. With hourly data transfers and sampled monitoring, the battery life is a fit and forget 3+ years. The unit can also be mains powered for continuous monitoring and maintenance-free operation.

Uses leading-edge digital sensors to provide high accuracy, Long Life, drift-free readings without further calibration. The optical COo2 sensor gives ±3% accuracy readings with a sensor Life of > 15 years. Long range LoRa wireless transmits the data for up to 16km with deep in building penetration of 1-2 km without repeaters.

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Features, Benefits & Functions

  • LoRa long range wireless
  • Battery life 3+ years
  • User replaceable batteries (Standard AA size)
  • Can be powered from mains power supply
  • Compact enclosure 80mm x 80mm
  • Zero calibration
  • Up to 16 km range
  • Deep in-building penetration 1-2 km
  • LoRaWAN compliant
  • One button press to configure
  • Signal strength indicator
  • Battery level indicator

Accurately measure multiple indoor environmental parameters including room temperature and humidity.


Uses leading edge digital sensors to provide high accuracy, Long Life, drift free readings without further calibration. The optical COo2 sensor gives ±3% accuracy readings with a sensor Life of > 15 years. Long range LoRa wireless transmits the data for up to 16km with deep in building penetration of 1-2 km without repeaters.