Smart Parking Management Solution
Smart Parking Management Solution

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Real-time per-space parking availability visibility for customer and asset managers.


Wireless, maintenance free parking sensors with up to a decade of battery life and up to 10 miles line of sight range, this smart parking management solution can improve the customer parking experience as well as reduce running costs for asset managers.

Combined with usually one base station (up to 20,000 sensors) and a full software package, this parking solution is designed to work seamlessly with the most popular spot way-finding and payment apps, including Parkopedia, ParkHub, AppyParking, Japa, and more, to provide real-rime parking visability, location and navigation for customers as well as cost and usage analysis for asset mangers.

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Features, Benefits & Functions

  • Real-time per-space parking availability – to users via App and to asset management.  
  • Predictive algorithms to inform drivers of space availability and real-time directions to available spots*  
  • Occupancy limitations enforcement  
  • Special-category space management and access control: e.g. handicapped, EV, carpool, management parking spaces.
  • Parking space reservations*  
  • Contactless frictionless payments*  
  • Rich analytics  
  • On-street turn-by-turn navigation to open spaces*  
  • Loading bays truck arrival and pull away monitoring  
  • Truck parking monitoring

* when used with popular spot way-finding and payment apps, including Parkopedia, ParkHub, AppyParking, Japa, and more

The software solution for the end user is implemented through ready-to-use open source software modules using the SDK and RESTful cloud APIs which are included with the software. Once active the apps such as ParkHub and Parkopedia can handle payment processing, real-time view of space availability in the area as well as navigating the customer to the available spot.


The system can also be used for logistics such as warehouse management in particular loading bays and truck parking monitoring. In the workplace environment the company car park can be monitored and allocated spaces or communal spaces can be booked and monitored to maximise usage when combined with Secure Drive Identification (SDI) the sensors are ready to provide secure identification of car/driver via Bluetooth Tag or Mobile App Check-in.


Used in combination with MobiusFlow from IAconnects the sensors can talk to visual signage (outdoor road signs) and lighting systems as well as the facilities managers to create a smart ecosystem to reduce overheads and environmental impact through energy savings.


Surface Mounting Adhesive affixing to road surface
Load Resistance < 8,000 lbs (3,600 kg.)
Dimensions Dia. 7.48 in (190 mm), Height 0.79 in (20 mm)
Enclosure UV-stabilized polycarbonate, IP68, 
 Black ( default)
Operating Temperature -40 F to +185 F (-40 C to +85 C)
LPWAN Radio Nwave enhanced Raptor protocol
Communication Range Up to 4 miles (7 km) Urban, 
 Up to 10 miles (16 km) Rural
Communication Frequency ISM bands - US: 902-928 MHz, 
 EU/UK: 865-868 MHz
Data Encryption NSA SPECK block cypher algorithm
Battery Life Up to a decade