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Automatically detecting motion for energy saving and building security.


Saving energy without sacrificing comfort can be effortless with occupancy based controls. The Ceiling Mounted Occupancy Sensor enables a new level of energy saving control for rooms, hallways and other common areas. 

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Features, Benefits & Functions

  • Interoperable. Communicates wirelessly with other devices using the EnOcean wireless standard.  
  • Self-powered. Two integrated solar cells enable indoor light energy harvesting to power the device and eliminate the need for wires or batteries.  
  • PIR motion sensor with 360 degree viewing angle lens for maximum efficiency in different room settings.
  • Two moulded buttons with LED indicator lights can be used to link and configure the device.  
  • Internal tray accommodates supplemental coin cell battery for use in low light environments.

Automatically detect any motion via the Motion Sensor, place it anywhere in your property and customise its settings according to your environment to help with energy savings, building efficiency and security.  

High sensitivity allows it to detect any motion and assure you a reliable and low maintenance detection system. Thanks to innovative energy management, the Motion Sensor has up to a 5 year lifespan. Wireless operation so benefits from the flexibility of a wireless system, no maintenance, and an easy to mount support, allowing the Motion Sensor to be placed anywhere.



Power SupplyIndoor light energy harvesting
OptionalSupplemental battery (CR2032) or 2-wire connector for external power or remote solar cell (3 - 5 VDC)
RF CommunicationsEnOcean 928 MHz, 902 MHz, 868 MHz
Transmission Range80ft. (25m)
Motion Detection Range34ft. (10m) diameter (refer to coverage diagrams)
Minimum Operating Light50 lux (for auto-off only)
Startup Charge Times*First motion
(from empty)transmission / Linking=5 min @ 200 lux
 Motion LED blink
 Light/Walk Test Modes=1.5 hours @ 2000 lux
Note: Bright light or a battery can be temporarily used to significantly shorten startup charge times.
Charge Time to Full25 hrs @ 200 lux
Sustaining Charge Time3 hours per 24 hours @ 200 lux
Motion Transmission Interval2 minutes
Unoccupied Transmission10 and 30 minutes since last motion detection
Heartbeat Transmissiondefault = disabled / enabled = 1 hr intervals
Environment Indoor use14° to 104°F (-10° to 40°C), 20% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Operating Life in Darkness:80 hours (after full charge)
Optional Battery Life:Continuous battery-free operation standard
Infrequent Bright Light20 yrs (with 200 lux for 2 hrs/day, 7 days/week)
Consistent Low Light15 yrs (with 65 lux for 5 hrs/day, 7 days/week)
Total Darkness6.5 yrs
EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP)A5-07-01
Dimensions6.5” H x 2.36” W x 1.47” D (160mm x 60mm x 37mm)
Mounting Height7 - 10 feet (2 - 3m) recommended
Agency Compliance902 MHz: Contains FCC: SZV-STM300U
 IC: 5713A-STM300U
 868 MHz: CE certified, R&TTE conform
 928 MHz: Module inside conforms to ARIB STD-T108