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Detecting water accumulation at defined horizontal surfaces or positions such as below bath tubs or basements.


For the detection of water accumulation at defined horizontal surfaces or positions (e.g. below pipes, fittings and in the area of washing machines, below bath tubs or dishwashers, in utility rooms or basements). Suitable for water.


WaterSensor eco is equipped with fibre disks that work as a sensor; it does not require an additional power supply. In the case of a leak, the fibre disks expand and generate the required power to send the event message to the Mobius gateway. The event message is sent when the fibre disks expand or shrink.

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Features, Benefits & Functions

  • Fully autonomous operation under sufficient lighting with pre-installed solar cell  
  • Battery backup option for operation in dark surroundings  
  • Enhanced Security feature
  • Small housing for easy mounting with double-sided adhesive or mounting plate  
  • Integrated reed contact  
  • Integrated energy storage and charging circuit  
  • Integrated LRN button and TX indicator LED



Self-powered Internet of Things. EnOcean stands for energy harvesting wireless technology, which enables maintenance-free sensor solutions delivering data for intelligent networks in buildings and the Internet of Things.  

Energy Harvesting 

wireless sensors harvest and manage the smallest amount of energy from their environment.  


EnOcean uses wireless standards optimized for solutions with ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting.  

Ultra-low Power 

Energy management and highly efficient energy storage are key to wireless technology for battery-less wireless sensor solutions.


On-board power supplySolar harvesting of indoor light,
  incandescent or fluorescent,
  illumination 50-100000 lux
Auxiliary power supplyOption for backup battery
  (CR1225, not included)
AntennaInternal helix antenna
Frequency868,300 MHz (EMCSA)
Data rate / modulation type125 kbps / FSK
Radiated output powerTyp. +5dBm (EMCSA)
Sustain condition for batterymin. 400 lxh per day (signs-of-life only,25°C)
free operation 
Start-up time from emptytyp. 2.5min @ 400 lx / 4 min @ 200lx 1
energy store 
Operation time in darknesstyp. 6 days after full charge 2
Operation time with backup battery5 years min. (total darkness)
Teach-in telegram triggerPushbutton behind hole in side wall
Teach-in telegram indicatorLED shining through housing side wall
Sign-of-life transmissionContact status update once every around 20…30 minutes
EnOcean module integratedSTM 320
EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP)D5-00-01
Dimensions of unit housing76.2 x 22 x 15 mm
Dimensions of housing adhesive50 x 18 x 0.8 mm
Dimensions of magnet (incl. adhesive)20 x 10 x 1.5 mm
Housing, color and materialWhite, similar to RAL 9010, PC/ABS
Operating conditions-20…+60 °C, 0…93% r.h., non-condensing,
  IP 40, indoor use only
Storage conditionsRecommended: +10…30 °C, <60% r.h.,
  max. 36 months (3)
ApprovalsCE, RED
Single unit pack (sensor unit, magnet, 
adhesive, instructions)Card box 32 x 32 x 99 mm