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Illuminated door sign with integrated EnOcean wireless transceiver, control colour and dim level when triggered.

15x15cm Illuminated door sign with controllable colour and dim level. Using an EnOcean light switch to show vacancy or occupied for small installations such as a doctors office, public bathroom or waiting area.

In other cases, if there is a room reservation system installed with a software interface to a calendar, colour of the sign can be changed by a control system. The sign using +24V DC and RGB colour system with 10mm opal white Plexiglass®.

Decals can be adhered to the surface to indicate room number, or type of room such as bathroom or waiting area.

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Features, Benefits & Functions

  • Supply voltage: +24 V DC
  • 1x EnOcean transceiver, bi-directional
  • Illuminated by RGB-LEDs, dim level of each colour can be setup from 0..254 (0..100%)
  • Aluminium profile
  • Plastic frame for on-wall mounting

Usage Example As an example, the four signals A0, A1, B1 and B0 of an EnOcean light switch can be configured as follows: 


A0: Red = 100%, Green = 0%, Blue = 0%; = Red = room occupied 

A1: Red = 50%, Green = 50%, Blue = 0%; = Yellow = room reserved 

B0: Red = 0%, Green = 100%, Blue = 0%; = Green = room free 

B1: Red = 0%, Green = 0%, Blue = 100%; = Blue = room cleaning  


Transmitting of EnOcean data Using the transparent, bidirectional EnOcean communication to an from the Door Sign, the dim level of any channel can be read back if necessary


EnOcean Profile 
F6-02-01 Light and Blind Control - Application Style 1
F6-02-02 Light and Blind Control - Application Style 2
F6-02-03 F6-02-03 Light Control - Application Style 1
A5-07-01 A5-07-01 Occupancy with Supply voltage monitor
A5-07-02 A5-07-02 Occupancy with Supply voltage monitor
A5-07-03 A5-07-03 Occupancy with Supply voltage monitor and 10-bit illumination
A5-06-01 A5-06-01 Range 300lx to 60.000lx
Type EnOcean
Transmit / Receive 
frequency868.3 MHz / ASK
Occupied frequency 
band868.0 – 868.6 MHz
transmission powerTyp. 6 dBm @ 868.300 MHz
EN 300200 receiver 
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Power consumption Typ. 1,5 W, max. 5 W
Operating temp. 0°..45°C
Storage temp. -20°..+70°C
Humidity 10..95% rel. Humidity,
 non- condensing
Protection class IP20