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Sends a wireless signal as soon as it is moved, without the need for batteries


The EnOcean Window Handle sends a wireless signal as soon as it is moved, without the need for batteries. This signal supplies the MobiusFlow gateway via the EnOcean Connector with information to improve the programmed processes in the home, such as for heating and air conditioning control, sun protection and lighting.

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Features, Benefits & Functions

  • Battery-free communication thanks to EnOcean technology  
  • Simple integration into smart home systems  
  • Highly reliable transmission  
  • Extremely low radiation

Using the EnOcean wireless standard, which enables battery-free communication based on the principle of energy harvesting. The information transfer is reliable and requires no maintenance or annoying battery changes. The window handle can be incorporated into all smart home systems that are compatible with EnOcean.   Please note the EnOcean Window Handle does not distinguish between the tilted and open handle positions. A tilted window is communicated as open.


The window handles with wireless transmitter are intended for use on standard tilt/turn windows. They signal the handle positions open (90°) and closed (0°) to an EnOcean-enabled receiver. The tilted position (180°) is signalled as open. Any other use than that described here is not in accordance with the device’s intended use and may result in injury and damage to property. Above all, the product is not designed to be a security surveillance system.


Storage temperature: -20°C to +65°C
Operating temperature: +5°C to 40°C
Max. relative air humidity: 80%, non-condensing
Wireless protocol: EnOcean EEP F6-10-00
Wireless frequency: 868 MHz
Transmission rate: 120 kbps +/- 5%
Information transmitted: handle position (open/closed)
Transmission power: max. 10mW EIRP
Wireless range: max. 30 m according to EnOcean specification, depending on the building condition
Power supply: battery-free, by Energy Harvesting
Certification: CE mark. 
 Compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU.