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Secure, warn, report or monitor activity on your windows and doors.


Mount it and forget it! Whether it is to secure, warn, report or monitor, you will always know if your door or window is open / closed.


The EnOcean Indoor Opening Sensor allows multiple configuration depending on your requirements. Switch ON or OFF your lights automatically when somebody enters a room, set-up your sensor to trip the alarm system and protect doors / windows to avoid break in and thefts, automatically switch OFF the heating system if the window is open, launch a “Welcome” scenario as soon as you are entering home after work.


Reporting to your automation gateway or supervision system every time you or somebody open or closes a door / window. Simple and reliable, this small sensor will be your perfect sidekick to improve your comfort, security and help important energy savings.

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Features, Benefits & Functions

  • No battery - Harvesting directly its energy the ambient light, the Door and Window Sensor doesn’t need any battery (and any wire) to operate  
  • Wireless - Advantages of a wireless system (flexibility) without the disadvantages (no battery = no maintenance)  
  • Easy to mount - This Door and Window Sensor can be put up and take off easily thanks to screws or sticky bands  
  • *Optional battery slot for dark area use.



Self-powered Internet of Things. EnOcean stands for energy harvesting wireless technology, which enables maintenance-free sensor solutions delivering data for intelligent networks in buildings and the Internet of Things.  

Energy Harvesting 

wireless sensors harvest and manage the smallest amount of energy from their environment.  


EnOcean uses wireless standards optimized for solutions with ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting.  

Ultra-low Power 

Energy management and highly efficient energy storage are key to wireless technology for battery-less wireless sensor solutions.


Power source:Solar panel
Battery:Optional CR1216 battery (not
 included) for dark area use (3 years
 battery in total darkness)
Detection distance:< 5mm
Wall mounting:adhesive bounding (included)
 or screws (not included)
Operational temperature:0°C to 40°C
Radio:EnOcean® Protocol
Frequency:depending on region
Range:30m indoor
Certifications and Standards - Europe:EN 60950-1: 2006 +A11:2009 +
 A1:2010 +A12:2011 + A2:2013
 EN301 489-1 V1.9.2
 EN301 489-3 V1.6.1
 EN300 220-2 V2.4.1
 EN 62479: 2010
Certifications and Standards - US:FCC & IC Rules