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Thermal scanner, presence detection and tracing as well as access control to help with social distancing regulations


The Defence Line kit is able to help safeguard the health of people through the control and management of distance in the workplace, through presence detection and tracing as well as thermal imaging ensuring the protection of staff and productive effectiveness.

The full kit includes the presence detection and path tracing camera, metal totem case, Mobius Gateway, Labkey access control and the thermal tablet scanner which also checks if a mask it being worn. The data is stored for 90 days and can manage remote locations using either Wi-Fi or 3G/4G cellular data via the gateway.

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Features, Benefits & Functions

  • Robust case also for outdoor use, with light signaling LED position base.  
  • Alert in case of gathering, traces the path of people  
  • Remotely open an opening  
  • Check the temperature and mask of one person at a time  
  • All data is encrypted and hosted on the cloud to ensure the highest levels of security

The Metal Totem Case in matt grey knurled is robust and can be used outdoors, with light signaling LED position base as well as optional speakers and visual effects for disabled users. Using the MobiusFlow Edge gateway and camera the camera detects the presence within the area and signals an alert in case of gathering, traces the path of people and combines the access made to the gate of the specific person. If at the time of access control the room has not detected as being in danger of a gathering, you can access. 


Labkey is a state-of-the-art access control system in the cloud with a web platform and mobile application that allows you to create and manage keys in a practical and fast way, the physical access control enables and tracks in real time the transits of people through controlled passages, even if carried out offline.  The Thermal Tablet-Scanner can check Temperature control and mask, one person at a time. If there are no anomalies the camera gives the ok to access control that allows the opening. The accuracy of the thermometer is 0.2 oC. It is important to stress that if placed outside it must be sheltered from the sun for proper measurement. The thermo scanner tablet is not suitable for outdoor measurement.


Through the web manage panel, included in the kit, you can get useful information about who has accessed the gates on which Labkey is connected and when, receive warnings and obtain useful statistical data. All data is encrypted and hosted on the cloud to ensure the highest levels of security. The software has no usage limits, and is structured on a distributed cloud solution to ensure 99.9% in time. 


Privacy & Security

No sensitive information is maintained by the system in compliance with current privacy legislation. This is guaranteed by both the IOT sensors and the artificial intelligence kit we use (Intel’s OPENVINO). In case the temperature of the person is higher than 37.5oC and the mask is not detected, the system is designed to emit light and sound alarms.  


Power source: Electrical outlet 220V
ConnectivityWi-Fi / Cellular 3G/4G
Accuracy0.2 oC
Access ControlBarcode, QR Code, NFC, Keypad