Smart Offices

An efficient workplace can not only improve efficiencies and facilitate cost savings, it can also improve employee wellbeing and productivity.

  • Air Quality
  • Desk Occupancy
  • People Counting
  • Social Distancing Monitoring
  • Room Occupancy
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Motion Detection

Watch IoT demo case video:

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Desk Occupancy dashboard video:

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IoT Deployments

Project: Social Distancing Solutions

Customer Name: UK / US based client

Project Description: As the world emerges from the lockdown enforced by the Coronavirus pandemic, business owners and facilities managers will be under pressure to manage the occupancy of their buildings extremely prudently. 

Problem: Office and desk spaces will need to be adapted in order to comply with social distancing guidelines, and communal areas will also require close monitoring to prevent overcrowding.

Solution: IAconnects has adapted its proven people counting and desk management solutions to include two new social distancing management functions.

Device Management and Upgrades

Both the gateway and MobiusFlow software can be updated and managed remotely via secure a connection using Balena (find out more ↗)  which is included with the subscription. Major releases and security patches as well as new and custom nodes can all be added using this system. 

They can of course be hosted and installed on a local system not connected to the internet which would require updates to be performed internally. You can find out more via the IAconnects support site via the button below:

Software and Devices

Below is a list of some of our Smart Offices devices, sensors and controllers

Occupancy Sensor (Ceiling Mounted)
Air Quality Monitoring
PoE People Counting Sensor
PoE People Counting Sensor
Under Desk Occupancy Sensor
Connector for Wireless Sensors - Region: Europe