Use Case:

Smart Hotels

“Stay Smart” Rapid, need-based hotel conversion enabling guest satisfaction and efficient room management.

for Architects

  • Maintenance-free, interoperable wireless sensors

  • Freely positionable products which can be placed onglass, stone, wood or furniture as required

  • Flexible room configuration

for Specifiers

  • Simplified planning and high flexibility through freelypositionable devices

  • Interoperable products

  • Compatibility with other building automation systems(KNX, LON, BACnet, TCP/IP)

for Contractors

  • Speedy, flexible installation / system start-up withoutdowntime

  • No cabling, no drilling, no noise/dust/dirt

  • Simple retrofit during undisturbed operation

for Investors / Property Owners

  • Reduced cost of installation and operation

  • Flexible space planning and easy restructuring

  • Rapid, need-based space conversion enables fast tenantturnaround times

  • High energy savingsand Higher productivity

for Facility Users

  • Enhanced comfort

  • Easy analysis of floorspace usage

for Facility Managers

  • Flexibility, no maintenance needed

  • Optimised servicing

  • Effective manpower use

  • Faster reaction to system faults

  • Interoperable and scalable standard solutions

  • Enhanced comfort

Wireless occupancy behaviour sensors, Gateways, Mobile connectivity, Cloud and mobile application software from iaconnects.