People Counting and Air Quality

People traffic and occupancy data is used to determine usage rates during standard business hours, and also contribute to cleaning schedule. Air quality monitoring for health and wellbeing purposes with all data being presented in customer specific application, available remotely.


Employees need a quicker way of checking whether meeting rooms are available, remotely booking meeting rooms, to save time walking around to look for available spaces. 


Install LoRaWAN people counters at entrances to all rooms and temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors inside all rooms, enabling staff to review data up to every 15 minutes as well as historical data. 


You will able to quickly view data from meeting rooms through the MobiusFlow View application. You will be able to view historical occupancy data to aid the decision making process on restructuring or downsizing of real estate. Working in an area with at a preferential temperature can help improve an individual’s wellbeing and work rate, and also provides alerts if the CO2 levels become too high, and therefore creates an increased risk in the transmission of Covid-19. 

The Solution Can Include: 

- MobiusFlow Cloud

- LoRaWAN Connector 

- LoRaWAN People Passage Counters to show people traffic and occupancy

- LoRaWAN Indoor Air Quality (Temperature, Humidity, CO2) sensors

- MobiusFlow View Application

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