IoT Solutions:


 MobiusFlow® - An advanced commissioning 

solution for the 'Internet of Things' from iaconnects.

The IoT Commissioning Problem

  • Complicated

  • High Commissioning costs

  • Multiple gateways depending on manufacturer / Devices

  • Multiple Control Systems

  • Cloud based system to control and monitor devices using combined solution

The IA IoT Solution

  • Non-manufacturer specific

  • Open protocols

  • Reduced commissioning costs

  • Scalable

  • Local Connectivity as well as WiFi / Cellular / Cloud

  • Runs using microservices

  • local dashboard to visualise data

Non-Manufacturer Specific ecosystem which allows multiple devices and systems to be connected and controlled through the MobiusFlow gateway via a relevant cloud or local network based IoT solution.

Use of open protocols such as MQTT and Node-RED flow-based development tool for visual programming enables familiarity amongst coders and programmers. 

Reduced commissioning costs due to all sensor and actuator data being normalised from any source such as OPC UA / BACnet / DALI / EnOcean / Analog / Digital etc.

Scalable from 1 to 1000s of devices, from initial Proof of Concepts (PoCs) through to large scale deployment, the scalable nature of the MobiusFlow IoT edge platform is a versatile solution. 

Does not depend on a network connection for local control, particularly useful in areas with unstable internet connectivity or slow cellular bandwidth. 

Microservice based architecture allows small software updates without affecting the entire system as well as the option for customers to select relevant services to reduce processing power.

Local Dashboard visualise your data from connected devices using the in-built dashboard. Display simple graphs, charts and sensor status. 

What is MobiusFlow?

MobiusFlow is an IoT Edge Platform developed over the past 15 years by IAconnects Technology Ltd (iaconnects) to allow non-manufacturer specific connectivity of the internet of things (IoT) to the cloud or local computers. It can work in the cloud, on closed secure networks, WiFi based systems or utilise its own data connection (3G/4G) when used in conjunction with IA’s custom hardware.

Scaleable IoT Ecosystem

The MobiusFlow ecosystem evolves based on customer requirements and runs a library of standard and customer specific code (or nodes) to allow connectivity of an ever increasing number of sensors, control systems, heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), lighting, office work flows (including people sensors and door entry systems), retail outlets and manufacturing monitoring equipment to name but a few.

Utilising 3rd Party Protocols

Multiple 3rd party protocols such as EnOcean, LoRaWAN, OPC-UA, Modbus and iQRF can be combined into a single system as shown in the diagram. 

Combining MobiusFlow with cloud based solutions from IBM, Microsoft, Google and Amazon the software allows the connection of the Internet of Things with Machine Learning and analytics which can dramatically increase productivity, reduce costs, minimise impact on the environment and allow company resources to be distributed efficiently and managed remotely if required. 

Below is an overview of the MobiusFlow system.

MobiusFlow® is a registered trademark of IAconnects Technology Limited.