Assisted Living and Care Homes

Using a non-intrusive system of EnOcean sensors, machine learning and automatic data communication, 3rd party applications can flag exceptions to routines and habits, such as whether your client has got out of bed, is sitting in a chair, has boiled the kettle etc. 


A record number of people are in care or need care in their own homes. There is a lack of options to monitor individuals whilst also analysing routines, provide alerts 24 hours a day for carers, relatives, neighbours etc.


Install batteryless, wireless EnOcean sensors to monitor occupancy, movement, temperature and humidity and the open/closed status on windows and doors alongside a low cost EnOcean connector, MobiusFlow Cloud and an application for data visualisation and alerts. 


By monitoring occupancy, movement, external doors and windows, air quality and the addition of a call button allows carers, relatives, and others to have peace of mind that the people they care about have round the clock monitoring. The knowledge that they will be alerted if anything out of routine is flagged will also provide extra reassurance to family members.

The Solution Can Include: 

- MobiusFlow Cloud

- EnOcean Wifi or 3G Connector

- EnOcean PIR

- EnOcean Vibration Sensor

- EnOcean Temperature and Humidity Sensor

- EnOcean Magnetic Contacts

- EnOcean Call Button

- MobiusFlow View or 3rd Party Application

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