Interior Automation (IA) changing name to iaconnects

iaconnects, formerly known as Interior Automation - a technology company that specialises in creating, delivering and commissioning advanced building control systems, energy efficient operations and intelligent diagnostics since 2004 - has developed a new range of products, services and solutions as the result of advanced technology investment to enable growth into the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) arena.

As a result of this growth it was decided that the term ‘Interior’ was no longer a true representation of the offering from the company. Whilst they will still be referred to as IA, the formal name will now be ‘iaconnects’ with the company name registration being 'IA Connects Technology Ltd'.

“With the technology surrounding IoT, cloud hosting and connectivity changing on a daily basis, and a predominantly confused approach to connecting and commissioning being a key inhibitor in adoption, we felt this required a proactive attitude towards our offering and that now was an ideal time to start pushing the IA brand and our advanced technologies. We want to make sure our customers and the industry know what we offer, how we do it, and our level of commitment to the technology investments we have made over the past 18 months, and this starts with the brand”, said Stephen Hayes, IA Chairman. Taking a cue from its namesake, IA’s mission is to integrate automation by connecting, controlling and communicating to achieve efficiencies through innovation in new technology.