IA have developed an MQTT object bus called MobiusFlow which normalises all device data into standardised MobiusFlow objects which allow interoperability between all devices either real or virtual in the field or Cloud.

MobiusFlow enables actuators, sensors & controllers to connect, control and communicate with each other and to the Cloud so that IoT solutions using scalable monitoring, visualisation and predictive analytics can provide valuable insights into your business and act upon them automatically.

  • A complete control and communications platform
  • Microservice based architecture
  • Secure, open protocol based on MQTT
  • Scalable to 1000s of devices
  • Platform and language independent
  • Does not depend on a network connection for local control
  • Provides full discovery of nodes, objects and resources in all directions
  • Pub / Sub change of value notifications
  • All sensor and actuator data is normalised from any source such as OPC UA / BACnet / DALI / EnOcean / Analog / Digital etc. 

MobiusFlow is written in Javascript running on NodeJS and is simple to implement and configure.

Certified gateway connections for MobiusFlow to Watson IoT and Azure IoT Hub enable simple provisioning of devices and controllers in the field.

Once connected the sensor/controller data can be streamed and stored within the chosen Cloud provider. IA have a Software as a Service (SaaS) which provides instant dashboards, alerts, storage and connectivity to other Cloud applications.

You can find out more about MobiusFlow on our dedicated website here: (coming soon)


MobiusFlow® from iaconnects transforms your data into business advantage