Hardware from iaconnects

ia has developed MobiusFlow interfaces along with control flows for lighting and BMS control which can be easily connected to other MobiusFlow nodes at local network level along with cloud based nodes and gateways. This provides a complete environment from low cost sensor monitoring all the way to connectivity of high performance controls systems such as Beckhoff embedded controllers.

MobiusFlow enabled gateway

MobiusFlow enabled gateway allows connectivity and control of wired and wireless devices to be provisioned via a 3G / 4G managed mobile data service.

BCM - Building Control Module

BCM - Intelligent Building Control Module with integrated EtherCAT, MultiMaster DALI, EnOcean & Digital / Analogue IO plus optional BCM extender.

LCM - Lighting Control Module

The Intelligent LCM from ia with EtherDALI building automation system combines power and flexibility. Built using standard open protocols and proven technologies.