Energy Reporting

One of the main aims of automating buildings is to save energy. In order to do this the owner/operator of the building needs to acquire data of how the building operates and identify how to modify the controls in order to maximise energy efficiency.

The BuildingSight® head end is able to calculate virtual energy consumption from calculations based on how the lighting is being controlled.

This information can be combined and presented in clear graphical dashboards with occupancy data, holiday data and online weather data in order to create adjustments to the controls.

In addition to the calculated energy useage, sub circuits located near the lighting controls can be directly measured and connected onto the Beckhoff control system which is already controlling the lights.

One of the I/O terminals available from Beckhoff is the KL3402 power measurement input.

This allows direct connection of a mains circuit and then provides a calculated power measurement to the controller and therefore up to the head end database for loggingand possible communication to third party software.

Having all measured data aggregated in the head data base allows customised reports to be configured in order to indentify exactly where energy is being wasted.

For example, Occupancy sensor data for a room or space can be plotted against specific energy for that specific area. This will indentify which plant is not being control when nobody is present.

Window sensors and PIRs will show if lighting or air-conditioning/heating are being wastefully used.

Building Sight® head end from  ia connects

BuildingSight® head end from iaconnects