IA Services

Modern buildings need to be more efficient. To do this, building owners need information about operating costs and the efficiency of the multiple control systems within a building or group of buildings. With information comes the freedom to change, modify and improve building efficiency.

Energy optimisation can then be achieved as can legislation compliance for energy and safety. IA provides a comprehensive solution to the control and management of any building. Offering both hardware and software solutions IA utilises proven embedded controls technology and utilises the advantages of browser interfaces.

Through the use of the building's TCP/IP network, management and control functions can be combined to provide detailed reporting on energy, safety systems and all building services. Energy consumption is reduced by an M&T combined with schedulers, individual user control and management of services. Providing compliance with legislation both current and with the future in mind, BuildingSight® delivers a new way to manage a building portfolio  and is infinitely expandable providing the builder owner or occupier the freedom to monitor buildings globally via the web.

Emergency Lighting

One of the most important features of any controls solution is the integration of safety systems, specifically emergency lighting.

Building Control

Lighting (including dimming and emergency testing), heating, ventilation, access control, CCTV security, maintenance are just a few of the systems that can be combined

Energy Reporting

One of the main aims of automating buildings is to save energy.