Agriculture Monitoring

Agriculture Monitoring

Monitoring a range of elements such as soil quality, water quality and outdoor air quality can help with the success of a particular crop and being able to manage this remotely can improve efficiencies and reduce overheads as well as improve workloads and time distribution.


Farmers have extremely heavy workloads and with increasing costs, lack of efficient working practices and large overheads, the industry is struggling financially.  


Install LoRaWAN connector(s) and devices to monitor water quality, soil quality and outdoor air quality. The data from these sensors can be analysed to help streamline processes. 


By using data collected over a period of time, farmers will have the ability to streamline processes, improve efficiencies, reduce overheads and improve workloads.

The Solution Can Included: 

- MobiusFlow Cloud

- LoRaWAN Connector

- Water Quality Sensors

- Soil Quality Sensors

- Outdoor Air Quality Sensors

- MobiusFlow View or 3rd party Application

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