iaconnects have made the final shortlist for 2 awards at the 2020 BCIA Awards in Birmingham

2020 BCIA Technical Innovation of the Year – Products Award for our MobiusFlow Connectors

Purpose and Technical Configuration

MobiusFlow is a non-manufacturer-specific ecosystem which allows multiple wireless devices and systems to be connected and controlled through the MobiusFlow gateway and network of MobiusFlow Connectors in a range of protocols, via a relevant cloud or local network-based IoT solution. 

Using MobiusFlow Connectors allows users to see data from multiple devices throughout a building, providing added value to building managers, facilities teams and employees via a range of reporting systems.

MobiusFlow Connectors offer the capability to add EnOcean, Workplace Occupancy (WO) or IQRF sensors to the award winning MobiusFlow gateway via Wifi, Cellular or Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections. The Connector is an interface expander for the MobiusFlow gateway. Multiple connectors can be used to extend the EnOcean, WPO or IQRF range of a single gateway. Received telegrams are checked for integrity before being forwarded to a MobiusFlow gateway via WiFi or wired Ethernet. Each connector is configured to communicate with a specific MobiusFlow gateway. Pre-shared keys are used to encode all messages to ensure message integrity.

Connector Benefits

Multiple Connectors can be used with a single gateway to extend the range to include an entire multi-storey building. All EnOcean, WO and IQRF profiles are supported.

EnOcean Connector

  • Significantly reduces cost of EnOcean installations
  • Enhanced security ensures message integrity
  • Easy setup using a web browser with a mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • Powered from 5 – 24V DC, 5V USB or PoE (optional)
  • Receive messages from all self-powered EnOcean switches and sensors
  • Send messages and control EnOcean actuators
  • Supports all message formats of EnOcean Equipment Profile 2.5 and up

Workplace Occupancy Connector

  • Occupancy range to include an entire multi-storey building
  • Significantly reduces cost of WO installations
  • Enhanced security ensures message integrity

IQRF Connector

  • Large range with mesh networking using sub-GHz ISM bands 868, 916, 433 MHz.
  • Low power
  • Programming not needed but possible
  • Really easy to implement


2020 BCIA Smart Buildings Award for the smart office solution for a global petrochemical company.

Customer Project:

Working alongside Ricoh, IAconnects installed a smart office solution for employee use and for general office management to optimise workplace productivity and efficiency, covering 28 floors across two offices in London. One request was for an employee smartphone application to use upon entry to the specific building. This was needed as a quicker way of checking whether flexi-desks were available. They also needed a way of remotely booking to save time walking around to look for available spaces or empty meeting rooms.


The IAconnects solution included MobiusFlow cloud gateways, Workplace Occupancy (WPO) gateway connectors, under desk occupancy sensors and a connection into the iOFFICE Digital Workforce smartphone and web browser applications.  


The client was able to quickly view and book available desks through the iOFFICE Digital Workplace application. The feedback regarding the initial proof of concept on one floor was extremely positive, and the client decided to install the solution across a further 21 floors in that building, plus another building with seven floors.


"Ricoh managed this project on behalf of a global petrochemical company for two of their offices in London. IAconnects were key to our success in winning this project by providing the hardware and all important data, working to integrate the sensor data with iOFFICE, and being available to answer technical queries with the end customer.

 Our customer had used other desk sensors in the past, but had many false positives when bags or other objects were left at a desk. IAconnects worked with their ecosystem to find, test and provide a sensor which detected occupancy and thermal readings. This eradicated the false positives and therefore only showed an occupied status when a person was present at a desk.

We are also looking to add air quality monitoring into the same iOFFICE application; no other manufacturer has been able to provide us with a multi-protocol system that allows us to integrate virtually anything into iOFFICE, or any of the other space management platform we operate with."

 Dave Willoughby – Digital Workplace Transformation Lead – Ricoh UK

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