IA becomes a member of the Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF)

iaconnects have become corporate members of the Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF). 

IoTSF is a collaborative, non-profit, international response to the complex challenges posed by cybersecurity in the expansive hyper-connected IoT world. As such, IoTSF is the natural destination for IoT users and technology providers including IoT security professionals, IoT hardware and software product vendors, network operators, system specifiers, integrators, distributors, retailers, insurers, local authorities, government agencies and other stakeholders.

The IoTSF mission is to help secure the Internet of Things by:

  • Composing and maintaining a comprehensive Compliance Framework of recommended steps for creating secure IoT products and services;
  • Promoting the adoption of the Compliance Framework to IoT service and product providers, IoT system specifiers, purchasers, and policymakers;
  • Composing and promoting security best practice guidance;
  • Helping to arrange assurance processes to demonstrate that IoT products and services meet the requirements of the IoTSF Compliance Framework.

In doing so they aim to:

  • Aid confident adoption of secure IoT solutions, enabling their technology benefits;
  • Influence the direction and scope of any future necessary regulation;
  • Influence IoT procurement requirements including by Governments;
  • Increase the levels of security expertise throughout the IoT sector; and
  • Deliver business value to our members by building an eminent, diverse and international IoT security network

IoT security is top concern for executives. Along with the technical challenges, IoT security is on the board room agenda. With more than just reputations at stake, it is imperative that technology providers, system adopters and users work together to ensure security is fit-for-purpose. It is fundamental to the adoption of systems and reaping the social and business benefits.

You can find out more by visiting the IoTSF website (opens in a new window) or by getting in touch with us via our contact page here >

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