IA named as one of the Best IoT Sensor Companies by iOFFICE Corporation .

Did you know that as of July 2017, there are nearly 3,000 IoT solution providers in North America alone? If you’ve decided it’s time to implement sensors in the workplace, you certainly have a lot of choices.That’s why iOffice wanted to make it easier for you. The iOFFICE team is constantly evaluating new Internet of Things sensor technologies in their own workplace so they can make the best recommendations for their clients. While the right provider for you will depend on your company’s goals, IAconnects is one of the six they would recommend to anyone.

When it comes to IoT sensor technology, the possibilities for data collection are almost as limitless as your imagination. However, the data is only useful to the extent that you can act on it. When sensor data is used along with other workplace technology, such as an integrated workplace management system, you can see how employees are interacting with your space in real time and use that information to make decisions about workplace design, technology and more.You may notice certain spaces are chronically underutilized, for instance, so you can make the decision to move a fast-growing department into that space so they’ll have more room. (And with iOFFICE’s space and move management software, that’s as simple as dragging and dropping desks on your computer.)

Having the data you need to make smarter decisions and being able to act on them quickly is essential to maintaining an agile workplace. When you combine IoT sensors with our IWMS and iOFFICE Hummingbird, our employee experience app, you can even respond to individual requests in real time. You get what we like to call the “infinite loop of value.”Whether your organization is just beginning to explore IoT sensor technology or you’ve been using it for awhile, we can help you make sense of the data and act on it.

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