IAconnects becomes a member of the Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF)

IoT security is top concern for executives. Along with the technical challenges, IoT security is on the board room agenda. With more than just reputations at stake, it is imperative that technology providers, system adopters and users work together to ensure security is fit-for-purpose.

It is fundamental to the adoption of systems and reaping the social and business benefits.

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Intelligent Building demonstration case shows IoT and MobiusFlow integration

Smart building demonstration with Wi-Fi accessible dashboard running on MobiusFlow® all in one box.  The IoT Intelligent Building demonstration case has been built in collaboration with Arkessa and Intel to showcase the capability of MobiusFlow® configuration software when combined with a selection of sensors and control devices. View the explainer video on youtube (opens as a popup): On their own, each device has a specific function from desk occupancy to leak detection and air quality to room occupancy and control. However when combined with each other and set up using MobiusFlow configuration software they can create an intelligent environment which...

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IAconnects have made the final shortlist for 2 awards at the 2020 BCIA Awards in Birmingham

IAconnects have made the final shortlist for two awards at the 2020 BCIA Smart Building Awards

1. Technical Innovation of the Year – Products Award for our MobiusFlow Connectors - MobiusFlow Connectors offer the capability to add EnOcean, Workplace Occupancy (WO) or IQRF sensors to the award winning MobiusFlow gateway via Wifi, Cellular or Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections. The Connector is an interface expander for the MobiusFlow gateway. Multiple connectors can be used to extend the EnOcean, WPO or IQRF range of a single gateway.

2. Smart office solution for a global petrochemical company - Working alongside Ricoh, IAconnects installed a smart office solution for employee use and for general office management to optimise workplace productivity and efficiency, covering 28 floors across two offices in London. 

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IAconnects launches technical support website

The IA support site is a great starting point regarding technical questions for anyone currently using or considering using @MobiusFlow as part of their internet of things (IoT) solution.

You can search the knowledge base and step by step instruction guides for our mobiusflow configuration software as well as raise a support ticket if you can't find what you are looking for. 


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IA named as one of the Best IoT Sensor Companies by iOFFICE Corporation .

Did you know that as of July 2017, there are nearly 3,000 IoT solution providers in North America alone? If you’ve decided it’s time to implement sensors in the workplace, you certainly have a lot of choices.

That’s why iOffice wanted to make it easier for you. The iOFFICE team is constantly evaluating new Internet of Things sensor technologies in their own workplace so they can make the best recommendations for their clients. While the right provider for you will depend on your company’s goals, IAconnects is one of the six they would recommend to anyone.

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