MobiusFlow® and LoRaWAN® working together

By utilising multiple 3rd party protocols such as LoRaWAN, the MobiusFlow ecosystem can benefit from low power consumption, long range wireless, bi-directional communication, end-to-end security, mobility and localisation services found in LoRaWAN products and can be combined into single efficient system.

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The Importance of IoT Collaboration

The Internet of Things (IoT) and ‘smart devices’ started to become part of our daily lives in the early 80s when the first drinks vending machine was connected to the internet to monitor both the stock levels and temperature of the product stored within and report back to the supplier accordingly. Today we are surrounded by monitoring devices, can we embrace this technology to improve our way of life and increase our chances of survival?

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Key considerations for Higher Education establishments during the Covid-19 pandemic

The UK government’s decision to keep schools and higher education establishments open during the second lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major headache for those in charge of colleges and Universities.

The health and safety of all students and staff is paramount. There are multiple aspects to take into consideration, so students can safely return to lectures, seminars and practical sessions, as well as making use of common areas such as the library and flexible working spaces.

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iaconnects + EnOcean + Aruba IoT Starter Kit - 902MHz

The iaconnects: EnOcean + Aruba IoT starter kit offers a simple solution for testing EnOcean wireless sensors with Aruba Wi-Fi access points plus a 3 month MobiusFlow Cloud subscription (an advanced commissioning solution for the 'Internet of Things' from IAconnects) allowing you to connect EnOcean sensors. 

Used in conjunction with a separately purchased Aruba access point, this kit from IAconnects allows the integration of EnOcean IoT sensors into existing IT infrastructure, levering IT security mechanisms to protect IoT data and services.

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Smart Parking Management Solution

Real-time per-space parking availability visibility for customer and asset managers.

Wireless, maintenance free parking sensors with up to a decade of battery life and up to 10 miles line of sight range, this smart parking management solution can improve the customer parking experience as well as reduce running costs for asset managers.

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