Building Automation Offers Safer Workplaces

Pete Smith, Head of Sales and Marketing at iaconnects, spoke to to discuss how building automation can help create safer workplaces. An excerpt from the article is show below:

In the face of a global pandemic, building owners and operations managers have been challenged with providing a healthy and safe environment as employees return to work. Many have been racing to come up with a plan while others were ready to hit the ground running. What’s their secret? The answer lies in smart building technologies, powered by the IoT and AI.

Building automation and asset control are not new. They offer the monitoring and analytics required for use cases such as reducing energy use and lowering the cost of facilities management. Now, the same technologies are being put to work in new ways, as organizations welcome back their staff. And as time is of the essence, modifying an existing solution to address response and recovery is far quicker than building something new.

Intelligent control and IoT solution provider IAconnects Technology Ltd. expanded its MobiusFlow commissioning solution to help companies adhere to health and safety requirements. The IoT edge platform allows connectivity of an ever-increasing number of sensors, control systems, HVAC, lighting, and office workflows. And now its IoT Smart Monitoring Solution Kit social distancing management system monitors and reports on the occupancy status of communal areas in real time...

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