BBC Article: Calls for post-Covid 'revolution' in building air quality

Dozens of the world's top experts in how diseases spread have called for big improvements to the air in buildings. They say current rules on ventilation are failing to stop infections, including Covid-19.

Prof Cath Noakes, an environmental engineer at the University of Leeds stated: "Air quality is invisible to us so we ignore it yet it affects us day in, day out, carrying respiratory diseases which affects the probability of you getting infections".

There's a proposal for public places to have "ventilation certificates", like those for hygiene. Dr Julian Tang says that by having that reassurance about air quality, "we will see restaurants more easily regaining diners' trust, and employees more confidently returning to offices".

The paper quotes estimates that improving ventilation to reduce airborne infections would add less than 1% to the cost of a typical building.

To read the full BBC article by David Shukman, Science Editor, click here.

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