Case Study : Leak Detection - ‘UK’ Airport

Case Study: Leak Detection - ‘UK’ Airport

Customer Name: Leak Detection - ‘UK’ Airport

Project Name: Leak Detection System

Project Description: Leak Detection and prevention system used to provide notifications and response to detected leaks in public toilets at airport

Problem: Airport had suffered some losses due to undetected leaks which had subsequently flooded voids behind toilets and the lower floors.

Solution: IAconnects installed leak detection system enabling the maintenance team to view if any leaks had been detected, the team also receive SMS notification of any leaks detected, the also isolates the Taps and Flushes in the relevant zone preventing the leak worsening before personnel are able to attend. The installation included:

The installation included:


  • MobiusFlow IoT Edge Gateway  
  • NodeRed Dashboard, to provide control and status information form the system 
  • SMS Notification service to identify leaks and system status 
  • Batteryless leak detection sensors, using the kinetic energy of expanding fibreboard 
  • Wireless relay actuators to remove power from the Cistern flushes and the Electronic Taps 

Benefits: The system allows the team to have prompt notification of any leaks detected and by isolating the source of potential leaks means the remediation is significantly easier. The ability for users test the system increases confidence in it whilst reducing the chance of inadvertently notifying other users. The system can be fully operated form a Smartphone enabling responders to easily make use of the system whilst remediating the leaks.

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