Case Study : Smart Office Utilisation

Case Study: Smart Office Utilisation

Customer Name: UK based client

Project Name: Smart Office Solution

Project Description: The client requested a smart office solution for employee use and for general office management, initially for 1 of 15 floors in one London based. An independent study found that a single flexible desk in London can cost up to £16,500* a year. The focus areas specified by the client were flexi-desk and meeting room utilisation and air quality monitoring. One aspect of the solution was an integration with iOFFICE view website here >.

Problem: Employees needed a quicker way of checking whether flexi-desks or meeting rooms were available. They also needed a way of remotely booking desks and meeting rooms, to save time walking around to look for available spaces. The client also wanted to monitor the air quality in meeting rooms and common areas.

Solution: IAconnects installed a smart office solution enabling employees to check individual and multiple desk and meeting room availability via the iOffice solution. The installation included:

The installation included:


Benefits: The client was able to quickly view and book available desks or meeting rooms through the iOFFICE Digital Workplace application. The option to view the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in different areas of the office is also a useful tool for employees to have at their disposal. Working in an area with at a preferential temperature can help improve an individual’s wellbeing and work rate. The feedback regarding the initial installation was extremely positive, and the client has decided to install the solution across the other 14 floors of the office.

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent Office Space In The UK?

The average cost of flexible office space in the UK per person per month is between £150 and £1500, depending on location and amenities.According to data analysing the country’s top locations, companies of all sizes are overpaying for workspace because of the hidden costs of occupancy. When considering the floor space needed per employee, it can be more than £4,000 more expensive per year to sign up to a conventional leased space, compared to flexible space.

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