Case Study : Assisted Living Solution

Case Study: Assisted Living Solution

Customer Name: Karantis360 (K360) 

Project Name: Assisted Living Solution

Project Description: Using a non-intrusive system of sensors, machine learning and automatic data communication, Karantis360 flags exceptions to routines and habits, such as whether your client has got out of bed, is sitting in a chair, has boiled the kettle and so on.It has been developed specifically to promote independent, home living for the elderly, infirm, those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia and to enable early release from hospital for other clients where monitoring is required.

Problem: Karantis360 needed to source 3G/4G and Ethernet IoT gateways with the capability to send sensor data to IBM Watson. There was a need to capture data from a range of energy harvesting sensors in an individual’s home and send the relevant information to IBM’s Watson platform.

Solution: IAconnects built a gateway specific to the needs of Karantis360, using our MobiusFlow software to create tailored flows and API connections into the IBM Watson platform.

A typical K360 installation in a home includes:


Benefits: Karantis360 were able to define a repeatable solution that can be pre-commissioned before being installed in a client’s home, allowing minimal disruption to the client.

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Customer Quote:

"Working with IAconnects has allowed us to quickly design & deliver a highly robust, secure solution that is both remotely manageable and configurable – which were key pre-requisites for our business. Working with IAconnects we’ll be able to quickly scale our solution globally, without having to make architectural changes for multiple countries."

Helen Dempster, Chief Visionary Office – Karantis360

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