“We provide control systems in the Cloud and IoT space, so we know how to make the whole thing work. There’s no one better positioned because we understand the controls on the ground. We’re the trusted partner when it comes to the actual control system deployment.”

Stephen Hayes, iaconnects


iaconnects (IA) is a technology company that specialises in creating, delivering and commissioning advanced building control systems, provide energy efficient operation along with intelligent diagnostics resulting in optimum savings for the building operator.

IA has over 20 years experience of deploying intelligent control systems using open standards, such as DALI, KNX, TCP/IP , EtherCAT, EnOcean, BACnet, OPC-UA and MQTT,  but realised that if you can’t practically connect the devices that give you data, you don’t have an overall solution. With lots of companies operating in the cloud or IoT space, Interior Automation is experienced in both and their extensive knowledge of control systems put them in the unique position to develop this solution.