iaconnects realises business benefits for industry by creating, delivering and commissioning advanced control systems and IoT solutions.

ia facilitates efficient operation by enabling secure data from sensors and controllers either stored locally or in the cloud to provide intelligent diagnostics, analytics and control, resulting in optimum savings for the operator.


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If you can’t practically connect the devices that give you data and control, you don’t have an overall solution...


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ia has developed a range of hardware, software and services that connects your data and puts you in control...


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MobiusFlow® from iaconnects transforms your data into business advantage...


MobiusFlow® enabled gateway from iaconnects

Building & Lighting Control

Intelligent Building and lighting control modules from ia gives you control...


intelligent Building Control Module from iaconnects shortlisted in BCIA Awards 2018

IAconnects Technology Ltd, an integration partner of Beckhoff Automation, has been shortlisted for an award at the 2018 BCIA Awards taking place in May. The company’s Building Control Module (BCM) was nominated in the ‘Technical Innovation of the Year’ category.

Unlike a conventional lighting control module (LCM) which only controls lighting, the plug and play multi-master BCM allows quick and easy connectivity of all DALI devices with power, data and, optionally, power plus analogue and digital IO for control of fan coil units, chilled beams and re-heater batteries. Each BCM has an on-board EnOcean transceiver, on-board Wi-Fi and can be networked via Ethernet or EtherCAT with standard Cat5e cables and connectors.


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